Deposit Accounts

Checking Accounts

Checking accounts are great for money on demand. We offer both physical checks and ATM/Debit Cards. Both of these give you the same result--quick access to your money. Checks are perfect for paying bills and ATM/Debit cards are great to get cash quickly on the go or at merchants around the world.

Our cards are FREE to set up and have no monthly surcharge. No minimum balance is required in our checking accounts.

Savings Accounts

Our Savings Accounts are designed to help you save for whatever life throws at you. They can help you build a nest egg or just prepare for emergencies, either way they are a great tool to have in your financial portfolio. If you have the need to designate funds for certain purpose, such as insurance, home repairs, or a much needed vacation, we can do that, too. We offer sub-savings accounts that can be named and designated for your individual purpose/need.

Dividends pay monthly to savings account maintaining a minimum balance of $100.00.