Health Care Credit Union has adopted a merit based system for determining loan rates.  This means the better your credit experience, the lower your rate.  Unless otherwise noted, the rates below are the best available.  Rates are subject to change at any time.  Some restrictions may apply.  Unless otherwise noted all rates are "as low as."

All "as low as" rates require a checking account, direct deposit, and auto payment to loan.

Prime Rate is 5.00% (Effective 09/04//2018)

Loan Rates

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Loan Type
as low as
New Vehicle Loans (2018-2017) 2.99% 
Used Vehicle Loans (2018-2015) 3.24%

Used Vehicle Loans (2014-2011) ​

Used Vehicle Loans (2010 and Older)4.74%
RV, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel Loans (2009 & Newer) 3.24%
Unsecured Loans 10.50%
Rapid Cash Loans 14.50%
First Mortgage-5 Year ARM Loans 4.00%
Equity Loans- 5 Year ARM Loans 4.00%
Home Equity Lines of Credit5.00%